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Dog Grooming

My shop is a small, one-room, open space facility that keeps all dogs being groomed or in the crate within comfortable sight of all the activity which helps them to feel connected and as calm as possible.

Drop-off is between 8:00 and 8:30 am which allows for optional, owner participation in crated drop-off to help both owner and dog maintain trust and be at peace.

Pick-up is at 2:00 pm which also offers optional, owner participation in the crated pick-up process for consistency and trust. 

Grooming Fees*

All Fees are for both Mixed or Pure Bred

Extra Small Breed

Short Coat   $48

Longer Coat $55

Small Breed

Short Coat   $52

Longer Coat $60

Medium Breed

Short Coat   $50

Longer Coat $70

Large Breed

Short Coat   $55

Longer Coat $80

Extra Large Breed

Short Coat   $57

Longer Coat $90

Included in all grooming sessions:

Nail Cutting

Ear Cleaning

Anal Glands

Extra Charges:

Packed Undercoat & Mats $23/Hour

Nail Dremeling $13

Aggressive Behavior $28

(Easily corrected with Behavior Sessions)

*All fees are subject to change without notice

Dog Behaviors

I have developed a unique Behavior Method to help guide you and your dog toward enjoying a more natural companionship. I help you to change the behavior you don’t like to see by focusing on your relationship with your dog through enhanced communication and trust.

2 Sessions Minimum for Introduction

4 Sessions Needed for lasting Success

Behavior Fees*

Sessions 1 & 2:

These sessions can last anywhere from

1 to 2 hours.

Nuisance Behavior    $395

Aggressive Behavior $695


Sessions 3 & 4:

These sessions are for follow-up and reinforcement of techniques & results which usually last about

1 to 2 hours.

Nuisance Behavior    $295

Aggressive Behavior $495

Nuisance Behavior issues that need attention:
Marking in house
Pulling on leash
Excessive barking
Starting to nip

Aggressive Behavior Issues:
Biting people
Attacking people
Attacking dogs

Unable to be groomed

*Travel to local sessions is included however additional travel expenses may apply where


*True success of all behavior sessions relies on continuous participation by you and, where possible, all household members.

*All fees are subject to change without notice

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